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June 21, 2017
by Ali

Tarot Geek Wisdom 7: Portal & The Moon Card

Lessons from the Moon card: 

In the Tarot, the Moon card represents illusions or things that aren’t as they seem. The moon appears to illuminate the night sky, but it itself does not give off light. The light of the moon is technically the light of the sun reflecting off the moon. At night, things look a little differently than they do during daylight hours. They can be stranger and therefore more scary, so when this card appears in a reading it usually advises some kind of caution. It could mean distractions, being led astray, wandering aimlessly, being lost. It can also mean illusions, nightmares, fears or hallucinations. It can also mean deception, chasing fantasies or being unrealistic. The presence of the Moon is a call to open your eyes and see what is really going on before going any further.

A Lesson from Portal:

“THE CAKE IS A LIE.” — Portal

        Declared the first true science fiction classic written in the medium of a video game, Portal (2007) exemplified oppressive and deceitful systems who use promises as a motivator without any intent of delivering them. As the player, you are guided through a scientific research facility by a computer named GlaDOS and asked to perform various tasks. GlaDOS continuously promises you cake at the end of the experiment, but as you progress it becomes increasingly suspicious that the research lab, Aperture Science has no intent on letting you leave at all. When GlaDOS says “there will be cake.” what she really means is “you’re going to die.” At various points, you see the words, “The cake is a lie.” scrolled on the walls throughout the lab, indicating there have been others before you. This phrase has become a catchphrase among geeks and gamers who use it to describe scenarios of false hope or when chasing an unobtainable goal. Cake is the “I love you” from an abusive partner, the snake oil to cure all ailments, or the promise of a better future by politicians to justify corrupt government policies. Even those of us who have seen what’s really being served have a difficult time convincing others, because …who doesn’t love cake?

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June 9, 2017
by Ali

I am now a Certified Fairyologist!

I am pleased to announce that I am now officially a Certified Fairyologist! I saw this course offered online at Christmas around the time I got my Fairy Tarot cards by Doreen Virtue. I was tempted then, but I needed to give myself time to percolate on whether or not this course was really for me. By the end of January, all signs were pointing to YESso I promised myself I would enroll as soon as it came on sale again. What great timing when it did – just while I am in the midst of celebrating all things Faerie!

I’m sure that isn’t a coincidence, as June is a big month for fairies. They say that Summer Solstice is the biggest holiday of the year for the Fae, which is why you are more likely to see fairies on this day than any other day of the year. William Shakespeare popularized this folklore with his play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Midsummer is another name for Summer Solstice.

So perhaps you are wondering, what the heck is a Fairyologist?! A Fairyologist is a person who studies, teaches and writes about, connects and gives readings with the fairies. Since these are all things I am already doing, I thought, why they heck wouldn’t I get certified? So here are a few of my thoughts on Doreen’s Fairyology course: what I liked, didn’t like, and what had the biggest impact on me.

What I loved is that she re-confirmed all the history and folklore of Faery that I had already come to know. I felt validated that my facts were checked and I knew my stuff. Most of her videos were talking about different types of Fairies: rock fae, tree fae, naiads, unicorns, elementals, mermaids, gnomes, etc. And yes… Faery or Faerie is a place, although it recent times it has become synonymous with the beings that live there.

What I didn’t love was that her course felt a bit preachy and tad judge-y when it came to environmental issues. Doreen claims that Fairies are guardians of the Earth and spirit guides of all the animals, therefore, they refuse to work with people who eat meat or animal byproducts. I disagree. I am no vegan or vegetarian, and yet I know there are fairies around me all of the time. Perhaps they prefer people to be vegan, but I don’t believe it is a requirement. Not that I advocate cruelty, but let’s not forget Nature is not always benevolent either. Perhaps the Fairies like me because I appease their vanity through my paintings, therefore they choose to overlook my environmental misgivings. It’s a theory. 

What I found most interesting was her advice for giving fairy readings and strengthening intuition. She says that everything I hear, think, feel, and smell is part of the reading, so as the reader I should not hold back. She calls it blah: spitting it all out while being loving and helping. She also inspired me to find a unicorn for my Tarot reading room. In her video, I was reminded that unicorns were known for their ability to purify. A unicorn wall ornament may be just what I need to cleanse the energy in the room between readings. Anyone know any good unicorn merchants?

June 1, 2017
by Ali

June 2017 Monthly Tarot Forecast

You have been working really hard laying all the ground work by studying, training and educating yourself. Autumn represents harvest and abundance while the number eight symbolizes management, organization and efficiency. The great news is that all the learning is behind you.

Your challenge this month is to turn all that information you’ve collected over that last little while and put it into action! This is a new phase full of potential and exciting opportunities! But you must do the physical work. Start planting those seeds so you can start seeing how they bloom! This month, although they may only be sprouts, you are going to start seeing results.

The Queen of Spring is there to remind you to have courage and confidence in yourself. Don’t be afraid or become a victim of self-doubt. You do know what you’re doing. You got this! Believe in yourself. The Faeries have been sending you wonderful people to help you succeed. No one achieves success alone. These people are your teammates, crew, mentors and advisers. Nourish those connections and relationships. You will need their help. Lastly, do not forget to maintain a healthy work/life balance. It will be hard to enjoy your success if you have to put out fires of neglect in other areas of your life.





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