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November 12, 2017
by Ali
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November 2017 Tarot Forecast

The energy we are bringing into the month of November is that of the Horned One, Cernunnos, the wild god of the hunt. Cernunnos is a protector of animals and nature and symbolizes our wild, animalistic side – the side that seeks out pleasure and relies on instincts rather than what we’ve been taught by culture and civilization. He’s here to remind us that sinful indulgences may be just what we need as long as they are done in moderation and respectful of ourselves and those around us. He is encouraging us to play and allow ourselves the freedom to be wild.





However, the idea of being wild and playful is posing a challenge for many of us. For some, it could be finding the time amidst all of our duties and responsibilities; for others, it could be that ignoring the rules, even temporarily, puts us too far outside of our comfort zone. Having these two very strong, powerful and masculine characters butting heads this month in the form of our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and desires can create a very stressful experience. This month, I feel like some big decisions need to be made where work and play, responsibility and happiness are concerned. How can we best bring balance, while taking into account the consequences our actions may have on, not only ourselves, but those around us?

Justice is here to advise us on the importance of seeking that balance in order to restore harmony in our lives once more. The Lady of the Lake bestowed Arthur with the gift of Excalibur because she believed he was he one to restore peace and harmony to the realm. Justice, in an ideal sense, exists to maintain peace and harmony in society, not to see people who do wrong get punished. Although punishment may be one aspect of justice, fairness is also taken into consideration. If you find yourself having to make big decisions this month, such as quitting your job because it makes you unhappy, make sure this is a decision that is the most fair to you and those who would be directly affected by it, like your family who may depend on your income. Seek out as much advice, expertise, input and evidence before making big decisions, because Justice also reminds us that actions have consequences. Do not make these kind of decisions lightly, but do not forget that your happiness is part of the fairness equation.

The affirmation this month comes from the Page of Water:

I open my heart fully, allowing myself to feel childlike wonder and innocence. 

All adventure leads me where I need to go.

Life is a delightful dance, and I am here to frolic and play. I am ready with a big smile, and I have my dancing shoes on.
– Colette Baron-Reid, The Good Tarot

Again with see this affirmation of the importance of fun and play this November. Your happiness matters, but we also cannot afford to be completely selfish. We have duties and responsibilities to others. With all of that in mind, our best action this month is to seek out balance and what is most fair for all.

October 21, 2017
by Ali
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How I Learned to Increase Productivity & Reach My Goals

About a week ago, I set a goal for myself: I was going to commit to one hour of artwork every day for 15 days. I’ve tried to set similar goals for myself in the past, but I have never given myself an end date before. Apparently that was the magical motivational ingredient I needed! To my surprise, it worked!

I’ve tried committing to 5 hours a week, or 1 hour a day in the past, but eventually my commitment wanes, life happens and other priorities take over, or I get bored or stuck or frustrated. Once that happens, I tend to admit failure or defeat and lose my motivation altogether. Can anybody relate? 

Even a commitment to 20 minutes a day becomes a daunting task when it has to go on forever. It seems like common sense that short-term goals are more easily reached than long-term ones, so why hadn’t I thought of it earlier? By breaking up my long-term goal into many shorter ones, like 15 day sprints, I actually feel successful, proud of myself, on track and encouraged to continue.

I will admit that my energy did start to wane toward the end and I was tempted to skip days, but knowing I only had a short period of time left to reach the finish line, I was able to push myself that much more. If I hadn’t put a 15 day limit on it, I may have repeated the past and given up completely by day 10, and felt discouraged about my progress. With only a few days left to go, I will have dedicated 15+ more hours into my latest work in progress. The completion of a new piece of artwork is in sight; therefore, I hope to have something new to share with you soon. Now …back to work. 

October 14, 2017
by Ali
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Not all Gossamer and Glitter! Meet 5 Most Frightening Faeries

Image credit: imagase – DeviantArt


The word, Banshee derives from the Irish Gaelic, Bean Sidhe, meaning “woman of the hills” or “woman of the fairy mounds.” To hear the wail or shriek of a Banshee is to hear the news that a loved one has died or is about to die. Catch her, and she must reveal the name of the doomed. She is often described as wearing green with a grey cloak and has glowing red eyes as a result of all of her weeping. Banshees can be either youthful or old in appearance.

Image Credit: Phooka – Brian Froud


Phookas typically dwell near water and teeter in the middle between benevolent and malevolent. They have dark fur, the body of a man and the head of a animal, often a goat, horse, bull or dog. Their danger comes from their complete unpredictability. When in a generous mood, they bestow gifts and helpful services, but they have also been known to slaughter farm animals, take innocent travelers on terrifyingly wild rides and abandon them in unknown places …if they don’t decide to eat them first. Trying to communicate with a Phooka can leave one clouded with confusion. They speak in riddles and nonsense. One can never be sure if a Phooka’s advice will lead one away from or straight into harm.

Image Credit: The Kelpie Pond by Jaimie Whitbread


Kelpies are terrifying shapeshifting water horses who live in Scottish lochs. They will lure unsuspecting travellers by offering rides, only to carry them to the bottom of lakes where they are drowned and devoured. Kelpies eat their prey and toss the entrails on the shore. They eat animals, humans and other faeries as well. They sometimes shape shift into attractive men to lure women to their death.

Image Credit: Unknown


Grindylows, sometimes called river hags, are nasty freshwater nature spirits who would grab children who got too close to the water’s edge and drown them. They inhabit bogs, ponds and rivers. The most famous of them are known by the names, Jenny Greenteeth and Peg Powler. Grindylow folklore originated in Yorkshire and Lancashire, England, although similar creatures also hail from Russia, Jamaica, and Australia.

Image Credit: Redcap by J.B. Monge


Said to be the most evil of Goblins, Redcaps are malevolent and extremely violent in nature. They are named for their headgear: a cap dyed red from the blood of their victims. They inhabit stone ruins, abandoned castles and eerie crypts, most notably along the border of Scotland and England. They take pleasure in committing acts of violence and murder, and even drink the blood of those they kill and torture. In early medieval times, the Picts would bathe the foundation stones of their buildings in the blood of sacrifices. Some believe Redcaps are the spirits of those sacrifices.


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