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Don’t Go Out Tonight… Paint Instead… There is a Pink Moon on the Rise

Doug Clement Photography

It is less than one week away from the first official day of Spring. My city has been painted pink with cherry blossoms for over a month now. The picture above was taken on Feb. 8, yet the photo below – my cherry tree – was taken today (Mar. 16). My tree still thinks it is the dead of winter.

What the heck, tree??!  Do you not see all of your cherry tree friends showing off their pink blossoms? Why can’t you just be normal?!

I have a theory that the Faeries are holding it hostage – forbidding it to blossom until I finish painting “Pink Moon.” They do that. That’s why last year the snow didn’t melt until I finished Tempest of Ice.

Frickin’ Faeries.

I can tell they are irritated with me. Getting rather tricksy these days.

I’ve been painting away at cherry blossoms for the last couple weeks – I am neeearrly done. My goal was to have “Pink Moon” finished before the Pink Moon…. which I thought was April 18 (pffft… LOTS of time!), but apparently I mixed up the full moon with the new moon, meaning my deadline is actually April 4. AAGHH!! Permission to Freak… Out.

1 hour a day times 20 more days = 20 hours of painting… it’s possible? Maybe?
No pressure.

Here is the latest progress on my cherry blossoms…  guess I better get back to work before I cause permanent damage to that cherry tree in my garden. The Pink Moon is coming.


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  1. You can do this! You can! I know it! Paint! Paint, my dearest first born!

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