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April 2017 Monthly Tarot Forecast

Eight of Pentacles (reversed)

Whether it’s personal or professional, we’re making some serious progress toward our goals this month, but there is a bit of a twist! In order to evolve, grow, or be more productive or effective, we must first un-learn the things we thought we knew. There are habits or practices that may have sounded right on paper, but when put into practice were not yielding the results we expected. We need to un-learn, and start to replace those ideas, habits or practices with more constructive behaviours and methods.

Six of Pentacles (reversed)

Last month the lack of balance from the reversed six of pentacles was tipped in our favour, but unfortunately this month the scales are tipped in the opposite direction. Rather than money being the balance measured, for the month of April it will be time. Our heads are bursting with new ideas and revelations. We find ourselves now being able to pin-point past mistakes. This is fantastic! And although it is better to discover this knowledge sooner than later, it still means that in order to move forward, we have to take a few steps back. Our challenge now is time: time lost, or simply not enough hours in the day. Try not to be discouraged, you are still on the right path.

Ten of Cups

When you start to feel overwhelmed because your to-do list is growing faster than you can keep up with, or you just aren’t seeing the results you want fast enough, take a step back and place your focus and priorities on the things that include spreading joy to others. How can you share your passions with others? Do you have something to teach? Can you provide fun experiences for guests or loved ones? Can you find a community/group/club that shares a common interest in your local city or online? If you are experiencing frustration, stress or unhappiness, you need to switch gears. Take some time to laugh, play and enjoy the company of others. Everything else can wait.

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Alison Spokes was born and raised in Houston, British Columbia and currently resides in Victoria, British Columbia as a self-taught digital fantasy artist and Tarot card reader. Visit her website:

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