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May 2017 Monthly Tarot Forecast

Queen of Swords, Amanda Waller | 6 of Wands, Booster Gold | Page of Wands, Doctor Fate

Just like Amanda Waller, you may implement a clever new strategy or cross paths with some useful and highly coveted information this month. It will very likely bring you some surprising success, but keep your wits about you. You haven’t got it all figured out just yet.

Booster Gold urges you not to get too cocky, lest you end up looking foolish. It may be tempting to gloat or celebrate, but it’s possible you are missing some critical piece of information. It might seem like you know it all – that you’ve discovered some secret, or overcome some mighty obstacle. But just because it worked out this time, does not guarantee it will work out next time. Do a thorough analysis of your method and results to see if you’ve overlooked anything, or be very careful who you brag to. You could be taken down a peg.

The biggest lesson this month is to remain humble in spite of any successes. Doctor Fate reminds us that we’re still students. One success story doesn’t make us a master. Keep practicing your trade. Keep tweaking your technique until you can repeat the same positive results over and over.




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Alison Spokes was born and raised in Houston, British Columbia and currently resides in Victoria, British Columbia as a self-taught digital fantasy artist and Tarot card reader. Visit her website:

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