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My Favorite Sites for Geeky Tarot Spreads

Continuing with my latest obsession of fusing Tarot and all things Geek, I thought I would compile a list of some of my favourite creators of nerdy Tarot spreads for readers who are looking for fun and innovative ways to read cards for themselves using pop culture as a source of motivation and inspiration.

  1. New Age Hipster
    Vix, founder of New Age Hipster and creator of the InstaOracle has created a few pop-culture Tarot spreads including themes like Riverdale, The Breakfast Club and Stranger Things. I am particularly fond of her He-Man and She-Ra spreads for when you need a little “love, light and the powers of Greyskull.”

2. Kittens, Weights & Tarot
Tara, the multi-talented founder of Kittens, Weights & Tarot is a self-described Trekkie and fan of Hello Kitty. She created this Make It So Tarot spread inspired by Star Trek: TNG, complete with a walk-through video demonstration on YouTube.

3. Fables Den
Kimberly M. Tsan, founder of Fables Den fuses Tarot reading with creative storytelling, encouraging her clients to be the author and hero of their own story. It’s no surprise to see some of her Tarot spreads inspired by some of the most recent epic pieces of literature like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, among others.

4. The Warlock Zoo
I spotted a few nerdy spreads on Pinterest that were credited to a Tumblr account by the name of The Warlock Zoo. Unfortunately, the account no longer exists, but you can still find the mystery person’s Tarot Spreads floating around Tumblr and Pinterest.

BONUS. Geek & Faerie Tarot:
Here is a Tarot spread I created based on the TV series, Firefly. When you want to get from point A to point B, but you foresee a challenge before arriving at your destination, this reading offers you tools to prepare for or overcome those obstacles.

Big Damn Heroes Tarot Spread

  1. CARGO – What are you protecting? What is your mission?
  2. AIM TO MISBEHAVE –  What is the best way to stand up to opposition and adversity?
  3. (JAYNE) HAT – How can you show the world that you have no fear in this situation?
  4. COMPANION –  Where can you seek comfort and counsel?
  5. VERA – What is your best weapon, skill or ability to help you accomplish your mission?
  6. CREDITS – What reward awaits you at the end of this journey?


If you are not much of a DIY’er and prefer to have your cards read professionally, I offer a wide selection of Geek & Faerie themed readings to help guide and advise you. Hop over to my Tarot site to see my complete selection of Tarot services.

If you know of any other brilliant nerdy Tarot spreads or resources, pop a link in the comments. I’d love to check them out.


Author: Ali

Alison Spokes was born and raised in Houston, British Columbia and currently resides in Victoria, British Columbia as a self-taught digital fantasy artist and Tarot card reader. Visit her website:

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  1. I would love to find a star wars themed spread. 😉

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