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Tarot Geek Wisdom 7: Portal & The Moon Card

Lessons from the Moon card: 

In the Tarot, the Moon card represents illusions or things that aren’t as they seem. The moon appears to illuminate the night sky, but it itself does not give off light. The light of the moon is technically the light of the sun reflecting off the moon. At night, things look a little differently than they do during daylight hours. They can be stranger and therefore more scary, so when this card appears in a reading it usually advises some kind of caution. It could mean distractions, being led astray, wandering aimlessly, being lost. It can also mean illusions, nightmares, fears or hallucinations. It can also mean deception, chasing fantasies or being unrealistic. The presence of the Moon is a call to open your eyes and see what is really going on before going any further.

A Lesson from Portal:

“THE CAKE IS A LIE.” — Portal

        Declared the first true science fiction classic written in the medium of a video game, Portal (2007) exemplified oppressive and deceitful systems who use promises as a motivator without any intent of delivering them. As the player, you are guided through a scientific research facility by a computer named GlaDOS and asked to perform various tasks. GlaDOS continuously promises you cake at the end of the experiment, but as you progress it becomes increasingly suspicious that the research lab, Aperture Science has no intent on letting you leave at all. When GlaDOS says “there will be cake.” what she really means is “you’re going to die.” At various points, you see the words, “The cake is a lie.” scrolled on the walls throughout the lab, indicating there have been others before you. This phrase has become a catchphrase among geeks and gamers who use it to describe scenarios of false hope or when chasing an unobtainable goal. Cake is the “I love you” from an abusive partner, the snake oil to cure all ailments, or the promise of a better future by politicians to justify corrupt government policies. Even those of us who have seen what’s really being served have a difficult time convincing others, because …who doesn’t love cake?

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