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July 2017 Monthly Tarot Forecast

Matthew Fairchild - 8 of RingsThe good news this month, is that we are solid on who we are or what we want. Matthew Fairchild was unhappy at the Shadowhunter Academy. He would rather be working alongside his father in his lab. We see him clutching a copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray to represent his admiration of Oscar Wilde and the aestheticism movement. The carnation in the top also symbolizes his ideology and alliance with Wilde’s political and sociological views. This young man knows what he wants, what he stands for and what will make him happy. He goes through great lengths to remove himself from the Academy so he can be free to tinker alongside his father. Traditionally, the Eight of Pentacles represents mastering skills and becoming proficient at something. The number Eight is about efficiency, organization, management, productivity and materializing. Therefore, like Matthew, we’ve established a pretty solid idea of what works for us, what doesn’t, what will make us happy, and what results we want. Now it is only a matter of implementing and achieving those desired results.Henry & Charlotte Branwell - 10 of Rings

The Ten of Rings poses a bit of a challenge for us throughout the month of July. Charlotte and Henry happen to be Matthew’s parents, so I think it is safe to say that for many of us, authority or expectations are going to be a bit of an obstacle. This could mean others’ expectations of us, or our own expectations may need to be put in check. Perhaps some of us aren’t going to get the approval they desire or will find it a struggle to elevate or see themselves as an expert or authority this month. Matthew believed his place was next to his father, but the expectation was that he finish school. His mother, Charlotte held a very high position in the Clave, and his trouble-making was beginning to reflect poorly on her. Ask yourself how authority or expectations of yourself or of others are challenging you this month. How can you overcome these obstacles? Is it really in your best interest to be like Matthew and make reckless decisions that affect others just to get what you want? For some of us, this might mean paying our dues before we earn the privilege of being where we want to be.Livia & Tiberius Blackthorne - Page of Runes

Lastly, our advice for July comes from the Page of Runes, symbolized by the Philia rune represented in this card by Livia and Tiberius Blackthorn. We’re being asked to metaphorically apply the Philia rune to ourselves and implement it in our lives. Philia is Greek for “brotherly love” or “friendship,” and is used in English as a suffix to describe a fondness for something. In the Shadowhunter world, a Philia rune activates a platonic or innocent love; in this case twins, Livvy and Ty share a strong bond and ability to understand each other in a way that their other siblings do not. I interpret this as not only giving yourself permission to continue immersing yourself in what you love, despite how strange it may seem to others, but also urging you to seek out like-minded individuals or groups who share your passions. Find your tribe. Nurture those relationships. Seek their advice and guidance when confronted with obstacles, for they are the most likely to understand what you’re going through and best resource to offer solutions.

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