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September 2017 Tarot Forecast

The presence of Habondia indicates good fortune this month. Habondia is a Faerie goddess who leaves us gifts and treasures in the night. She changes the direction of events by INCREASING UNEXPECTED FORTUNE and guides us toward the flow of abundance. The image of her to the left may look rather dark and grim for an omen of abundance and good fortune, but that theme of death holds a message to us from Habondia: she wants us to let die what is no longer fertile. Stop trying to force success or squeeze life out of something where there is none. She says that death and decay fertilize the ground for new growth. Follow her into the light. She will show us the path to abundance if we allow ourselves to let go. She will ensure we are taken care of.

The Faerie halfling, Myrddin (also known as the wizard, Merlin) poses a bit of a challenge for us this month. The Enchantment that is associated with this card is BLOCK OPPRESSIVE POWER. I see this card as potentially manifesting itself in the form of temptation, specifically the temptation to not let things die, like Habondia requests. We might get drawn in again and again to a relationship or a business venture that doesn’t work in the hopes that it will turn around and get better. Myrddin is trying to warn us that this won’t work. Stop getting sucked into false promises or false hopes. We’re better off to let go and move on.

Our final piece of advice comes from Penarddun, a Faerie queen who bridges the gap between light and dark. She brings balance and helps us to address our aversion to loneliness, failure, or other fears that might be propelling the temptation to keep working at something that has reached it’s natural ending. While Habondia asks us to use logic: if it isn’t working or bringing you happiness, let it go; Penarddun says fill that void and ATTRACT EMPATHETIC LOVE by acting from the heart. She wants us to be generous by giving and taking care of others, and we can do this confidently because we know that Habondia is taking care of us. Habondia will provide enough for us, so that we have that extra abundance to give, and consequently we’re going to feel happier, more balanced and whole by following the advice of Penarddun and avoiding the temptation of Myrddin.


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Alison Spokes was born and raised in Houston, British Columbia and currently resides in Victoria, British Columbia as a self-taught digital fantasy artist and Tarot card reader. Visit her website:

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