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October 2017 Tarot Forecast

This month we’re bringing in the energy of the Knight of Swords. Knights are always on a quest, and this particular knight is seeking out truths that are within. He tells us that it is going to be to our great advantage to rediscover or find new truths about ourselves that we may have forgotten or never realized before. Being too hard on ourselves is not being truthful about or strengths or abilities, neither is denying that we have areas we could improve. This knight wants us to see what others see, and realize how we impact ourselves and those around us for better or worse. If you uncover truths that are hard to hear, try to see them as opportunities for growth and improvement. Remember, the Knight of Swords is our biggest asset this month, so treat these truths like uncovered buried treasures.

The Ace of Pentacles reversed tells me that we have this opportunity for new beginnings and abundance, but it’s being blocked by a lack of desire to let go of the things that no longer serve us. The challenge this month is to inventory our material world – for some this may mean cleaning out and purging items around the house, while for others this may be time to inventory your physical health, eating habits or guilty pleasures. Ask yourself what in your physical world needs cleansing or detoxing. It will be challenging! Perhaps it is difficult to find the time. Maybe there is a sentimental attachment to things you must, but aren’t ready to, let go of. Bad habits can be difficult to break, especially when there is an addiction to overcome. This Ace promises, that if we can overcome these hurdles, abundance will flow, but first we must make room.

Lastly, it is in our highest good this month to become the master of our own minds. Between knowing truths about ourselves, and understanding there is a big job ahead of us, it is in our best interest to put on our armour, take the reins and muster up the strength of will to tackle the seemingly herculean task in front of us. Those two horses represent conflicting thoughts and being of two minds, but we need to become the charioteer and take the reins of will power to keep making progress by steering ourselves in the right direction. October is a month of harvest, abundance and preparation for winter, but we must be ready. This is a power card and an action card. No one can make it happen but us. It will take some work, but we will be so grateful to ourselves when we see the pay off that’s to come. The Chariot is the ruling card for Cancer, so if Cancer is in your birth chart, this message is particularly pertinent for you.  

The affirmation this month comes from the 6 of Earth:

What I have sent forth in love comes back to me many times over, as the generosity of others becomes apparent and unexpected resources show up. The universe is exhibiting it’s generosity, reminding me that the world is full of pleasant surprises… Just when I’m beginning to doubt, I am reminded of the treasures I am entitled to receive that show up at my door. – Colette Baron-Reid, The Good Tarot

What this means is we need to give in order to receive, or we need to make room for the abundance to flow. If we’re hoarding old things that serve us no good or purpose, we blocking the flow of abundance. Give the things you no longer use to those who can use them, and throw away (or preferably recycle) what isn’t good to anyone any more. By doing so you will make room for unexpected resources and surprise gifts from the universe.


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