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November 2017 Tarot Forecast

The energy we are bringing into the month of November is that of the Horned One, Cernunnos, the wild god of the hunt. Cernunnos is a protector of animals and nature and symbolizes our wild, animalistic side – the side that seeks out pleasure and relies on instincts rather than what we’ve been taught by culture and civilization. He’s here to remind us that sinful indulgences may be just what we need as long as they are done in moderation and respectful of ourselves and those around us. He is encouraging us to play and allow ourselves the freedom to be wild.





However, the idea of being wild and playful is posing a challenge for many of us. For some, it could be finding the time amidst all of our duties and responsibilities; for others, it could be that ignoring the rules, even temporarily, puts us too far outside of our comfort zone. Having these two very strong, powerful and masculine characters butting heads this month in the form of our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and desires can create a very stressful experience. This month, I feel like some big decisions need to be made where work and play, responsibility and happiness are concerned. How can we best bring balance, while taking into account the consequences our actions may have on, not only ourselves, but those around us?

Justice is here to advise us on the importance of seeking that balance in order to restore harmony in our lives once more. The Lady of the Lake bestowed Arthur with the gift of Excalibur because she believed he was he one to restore peace and harmony to the realm. Justice, in an ideal sense, exists to maintain peace and harmony in society, not to see people who do wrong get punished. Although punishment may be one aspect of justice, fairness is also taken into consideration. If you find yourself having to make big decisions this month, such as quitting your job because it makes you unhappy, make sure this is a decision that is the most fair to you and those who would be directly affected by it, like your family who may depend on your income. Seek out as much advice, expertise, input and evidence before making big decisions, because Justice also reminds us that actions have consequences. Do not make these kind of decisions lightly, but do not forget that your happiness is part of the fairness equation.

The affirmation this month comes from the Page of Water:

I open my heart fully, allowing myself to feel childlike wonder and innocence. 

All adventure leads me where I need to go.

Life is a delightful dance, and I am here to frolic and play. I am ready with a big smile, and I have my dancing shoes on.
– Colette Baron-Reid, The Good Tarot

Again with see this affirmation of the importance of fun and play this November. Your happiness matters, but we also cannot afford to be completely selfish. We have duties and responsibilities to others. With all of that in mind, our best action this month is to seek out balance and what is most fair for all.


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Alison Spokes was born and raised in Houston, British Columbia and currently resides in Victoria, British Columbia as a self-taught digital fantasy artist and Tarot card reader. Visit her website:

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