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February 28, 2017
by Ali

March 2017 Monthly Forecast

In February, we were asked to start planning and preparing. For how many of you did this require some larger than usual investments? This month we start to see some return on those investments. Money (or favours) will begin pouring in this March, rather than pouring out.

Six of Pentacles (reversed)

An unexpected or unusual sources of income will be coming our way this month. It seems many of us will be the recipients of some extra cash or extra help. It appears the scales have tipped in our favour this time around. This is the blessing we’ve been asking for.

Nine of Cups (reversed)

Before we get too excited, the Nine of Cups says that this rise in cash flow won’t be enjoyed for long. Perhaps that is because it has strings attached, or because the money has already been spent.

Ten of Pentacles (reversed)

March is time to set things right and get back on track with our finances or relationships. Do you owe money, or do you owe apologies? This card is strongly advising us to make amends. If you owe any debts, financial or otherwise, your focus this month should be restoring your balance back to zero.

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With Spring on the way and flowers starting to bloom, we may be wondering what sort of things are blooming in our own lives. Love? Money? Career or personal development? Consult the cards, find out what’s blooming for you and learn how you can help it grow.

February 7, 2017
by Ali
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Send a Tarot Valentine to Your Sweetheart

You already know you are in love with someone awesome, but how fun would it be to compare your thoughts, feelings and experiences with messages and insights from the Tarot cards? Some couples will go on dating sites like eHarmony just to see if they come up as a match. I remember taking questionnaires in school just before Valentine’s day, so I could find out who in my school was my best same sex and opposite sex matches based on the pooled results of the survey. It was totally fun! I think I still have a few of those reports in a shoe box somewhere.

My Tarot Valentines are meant to be a fun, unique and personalized way to show your sweetheart that you are thinking of them and what the universal powers-that-be have in store for your future together.

The image below is a sample of what could land in your inbox if you order a Tarot Valentine for yourself or someone you love. The video demonstrates a live reading.


February 1, 2017
by Ali
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February 2017 Monthly Forecast

After being pulled in all directions in January, this month it is time to get focused and take the time to do some serious planning. Here is my forecast for February:

Page of Swords

It is to our great benefit that we are brimming with ideas and aspirations at the moment. The start of the New Year may have been a great motivator to plan ahead and write down all the wonderful things we wanted to achieve by the end of the year: the big vacation, the home renovations, the new business venture. Now that a full month has passed, we might be starting to realize that achieving everything is not logical or realistic. It’s time to get real and make some serious decisions if we actually want to achieve something. Luckily, we have a large pool of options to draw from.

2 of Wands

The hardest part in this scenario is deciding which options to actively pursue and which ones to put back on the shelf. Something will have to be sacrificed or set aside for another day. We will likely find ourselves struggling with this decision. Be careful not to waste too much time deliberating, when that time could be better spent putting your decision into action.

The Hermit

If you are finding it too hard to make a decision as to which direction you should be focusing your efforts and energies, spend some time alone. Although it is great to be logical and conduct through research, there is a point at which you need to stop seeking other people’s opinions. Stop procrastinating, and start eliminating anything that is preventing you or distracting you from making plans. Meditate and implement some introspection to help you come to a final decision. Check yourself into a hotel without WiFi if you have to, and don’t come out until you have a plan in hand.

February Tarot Special – Book Now

It’s all about LOVE this month, with Tarot reading packages for couples in love as well as singles looking for love. If you are looking for a unique and romantic gift for your sweetheart, consider a Tarot Valentine!

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