May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor - Geek Tarot Reading


Do you feel trapped? you are playing a game that is rigged against you? This reading helps you know your allies and understand your enemies, so you can find the courage to reverse the odds and come out a Victor.


8 cards from the deck of your choice (see deck options to the right of the images) will be drawn to complete this reading in order to:

* Identify your ALLIES, MENTORS and advisors
* Be reminded of your CAUSE and what your true OBJECTIVE really is
* Differentiate between what you can control and what OBSTACLES are unavoidable
* Discover your greatest WEAPON that gives you an advantage in achieving your objective.


An email and a private link that includes images of the cards and a 750 word written interpretation as it relates to your unique path and situation.


Before you checkout, be sure to complete the "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS" field at the bottom left of the Shopping Cart page. A few sentences about why you chose this reading and what you hope to get out of the reading will help me provide you with a higher quality reading. Include any questions you would like to have answered.