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Are you feeling scared? Vulnerable? About to face something intimidating? This reading will train you in Defense Against the Dark Arts allowing you to draw out your inner light and strength while casting out your fears, shadows and inner demons. Take a lesson from Harry Potter who became the Master of Death by embracing his fatality with open arms and confronting his enemy, Voldemort face-to-face. 


7 cards will be drawn from the deck of your choice (see deck options to the right of the images) to complete this reading in order to:

  • Cast 4 magic SPELLS (Lumos, Riddikulus, Expelliarmus, & Expecto Patronus) to protect yourself from fear, despair, and darkness and learn how to counter with light, illumination, courage and confidence.
  • CONJURE the power within you to be strong and resilient.
  • Utilize the gifts of the DEATHLY HALLOWS to master your fears and embrace change and new life.


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