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Use the Force - Geek Tarot Reading

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Feeling out of alignment with the powers of the universe? Unsure of what destiny you need to fulfill? Experiencing fears tempting you to join the Dark Side? Seek some Jedi counsel with this unique reading to become empowered and One with the Force.


8 cards from the deck of your choice (see deck options to the right of the images) will be drawn to complete this reading in order to explore:

  • The FORCE that courses through you and the energy you are working with to travel your path.
  • How you can TRAIN to use the FORCE more effectively and make decisions that are in alignment with your highest good.
  • What might be creating a DISTURBANCE in your FORCE.
  • What is tempting you to the DARK SIDE and causing you to deviate from your path and highest good.
  • In what ways can you USE the FORCE for good.
  • How you can filter emotions like FEAR or ANGER
  • Your destiny as guided by the FORCE.


  • An email address (for delivery)
  • A written explanation (just a few sentences) of why you chose this reading and what you hope to get out of it. If you do not fill out the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS field at checkout (see note below), I will reach out to follow up at the email address provided, and may cause delays to the delivery of your reading. 


An email and a private link that includes a 750 word written interpretation and images of the cards chosen for your personal reading as it relates to your unique path and situation.


Readings are currently being delivered in 3-7 days from date of purchase. If your matter is urgent, contact me for rush options.


Before you checkout, be sure to complete the "SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS" field at the bottom left of the Shopping Cart page. A few sentences about why you chose this reading and what you hope to get out of the reading will help me provide you with a higher quality reading. Include any questions you would like to have answered.

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Alison's menu was too much for this decision-paralyzed libra, but I sent her a note with outlines of a question and a proposal that I'd like a session with the Pokemon deck. What I got was insightful and wonderful! I'm only a novice at Pokemon Go, so the descriptions were great, and at least 1/3 of the cards were ME and Alison and I have not actually met. She adapted her reading to my question and thought of approaches that I hadn't. I'll be happy to do it again some time!

WalterTarot Client

Alison is very gifted in the ways the utlizes her cards, especially with the Star Wars deck, it was cool how she used the strengths and weaknesses in each character and used that towards guiding me through it. There was a lot of self reflective information she shared to help me along my journey. And I really appreciate that follow up after some time has passed after the reading. Very genuine and caring were the vibes I got from her gifts that she shared.

AprilTarot Client

I had an online Tarot reading with Alison utilizing the Star Wars Tarot cards. Not only did I find her reading was clear and accurate, but I could relate to the characters on the Tarot cards, having watched the movies. Actually the online reading is very helpful. Everything is written down for you to refer to later. I find when I'm at a personal reading, I tend to forget some of the important messages or am busy writing notes and missing nuances.


Alison is amazing! Her tarot reads are fun and insightful! There are so many unique spreads and deck choices that you'll always have something suited to your needs. Highly recommend!!!


Just last week I decided to make a new 5 year goal and one of the cards in my reading today with Alison validated that it was time to make a 5 year goal. It said those exact words. The reading also specifically referred to spending my next year in a world that I create with my imagination, I am a water colour artist and a novelist and spend most of my time in my made-up world, story telling. That sung to me! One of my weaknesses is that I have a high tolerance level for ppl who do not have my best interest in mind and this reading also reminded me of using boundaries with acquaintances that take advantage of kindness. Great reading!