About the Reader

Alison has been a student, practitioner and instructor of Tarot for over 25 years. She picked up her first Tarot deck at age 12 and is a self-proclaimed geek who's loved games, superheroes, fantasy and science-fiction for most of her life. At age 17, inspired by her other love of mythology and folklore, Alison took on the challenging project of designing her own Greek Mythology Tarot deck as part of a self-directed art study in Secondary School. At age 20, Alison was hired as a professional Tarot reader at Lobelia's Lair in Nanaimo, BC which helped fund her way through university until she completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and Anthropology in 2008. 

Inspired by her fascination with folklore and fairy art, Alison began marketing herself as a digital fantasy artist under the studio name, Ethereal Earth in 2010. Her business and art portfolio continue to grow every year. In fact, it was Tarot that introduced her to fairies and became her gateway to the realm of Faerie.

In 2015, Alison launched her own Tarot practice when she opened her brick and mortar art studio. Although it closed in 2018, she continues to operate her art business and tarot practice online and at special events. Although fairy-themed readings will always have a special place in her heart, and she's always happy to pull some cards for a fellow fairy lover, pop-culture readings have become a fast favorite of hers. 

Alison is the ideal Tarot reader for gamers, comic book fans and sci-fi/fantasy geeks who are looking for cosmic inspiration or personal guidance.

Love Star Wars? She has a deck for that! 
Love Harry Potter? She has a deck for that!
Love superheroes? She has a deck for that!
Love Pokemon? Guess what? She has a deck for that too!

Since 2017, she has been traveling to comic-cons around Western Canada bridging the gap between geeks and gurus, offering insight and inspiration through her clever mix of pop-culture and Tarot. She now teaches Tarot online as well as locally through the McTavish Academy of Art.