Tarot Mentoring

Whether your are new to Tarot or an advanced student, hiring a Tarot mentor is a great option for those who want to cultivate their Tarot skills and have all their Tarot related questions answered in a custom session. I offer a variety of ways to help you develop your skills as a reader. 

Do you have a ton of questions about Tarot and would like some personalized direction and instruction?

Book a one on one online mentoring session with me by clicking the button below.

Book an appointment with Alison Spokes, the Nerdy Cartomancer using Setmore

Do you have a reading you would like interpreted?

Purchase one of the options listed below and complete the form attached, and I will provide my insight and interpretation by email to help you decipher the mystery in your message.

Are you looking for a supportive environment where you can ask questions or share your expertise with like-minded individuals who share your passion for Tarot?

Join our Online Tarot Study Group! Visit my Events page to find out when the next session takes place. 

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