Tarot Video Chat Readings

Book a private 1-on-1 tarot card reading with Alison via online video chat! All readings available on the Email Tarot Reading page can be offered during a video session, but are charged at the following hourly rates:
  • $95 - 60 minute reading - great for people who want a more in-depth analysis of their current situation.
  • $50 - 30 minute reading - good for those who have one or two questions, are budget conscious, or for those who are Tarot newbies.
If you prefer to get a group of friends together and have your readings done together, book a private group reading instead! Party hosts will get a complimentary email reading included in their group booking, or they can defer their bonus reading to a guest of honor (a birthday boy or bride-to-be, for example). Rates are based on number of attendees:
  • $125 (3-4 People)
  • $165 (5-6 People)
  • $200 (7-8 People)
  • $230 (9-10 People)


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Legal Disclaimer

Your divinatory reading with me is spiritual in nature and is intended to be used as a self-counselling tool for spiritual growth and personal development. In no way should your reading with me be construed as financial, legal, or medical advice. I am not a qualified financial advisor, licensed attorney, or medical doctor. I reserve the right to decline any request for financial, legal or medical advice. I, Alison Spokes, accept no liability and/or responsibility for any actions and/or decisions made as a result of your Tarot Reading with me.