Professional Ethics

Your divinatory reading with me is spiritual in nature and is intended to be used as a self-counselling tool for spiritual growth and personal development.

In no way should your reading with me, Alison Spokes, be construed as financial, legal, or medical advice. Please consult an expert if those are your primary concerns. I reserve the right to decline any request for financial, legal or medical advice.

Reading for third party individuals is a violation of my ethical standards as a professional reader. My readings are designed to focus on You as well as your beliefs, feelings, behaviours and decisions that will steer you in the direction of a positive future. Although third parties may come up in a reading, I will not perform a reading on a third party's behalf. Messages about third parties (such as children, spouses, family, friends and co-workers) will only be relayed in the context of actions and decisions you can make as they relate to your relationship to that other individual.

I am not a psychic or a medium. I am a well-educated and experienced cartomancer who believes card divination is a powerful spiritual guidance tool to help you create the future you want by gaining clarity and insight on what is happening in the present. In other words, in order to put you on the path to a bright future, you first need to know which direction to orient yourself. I encourage my clients to focus on what is prescriptive rather than predictive. One cannot appreciate the end of a book without first knowing how it started. The same principle applies to your own life story. Afterall, everyone is searching for a happy ending, but the path to get there is different for each of us. That is where I can help serve you best.

I will always respect my clients’ privacy. I am committed to safeguarding my clients’ identity, contact information, secrets, feelings or anything else they may share with me during a reading. I value the open and honest professional relationship I have with my Tarot clients, and do not compromise that trust.