Cold Moon Penguin Fairy ACEO ATC

$5.00 $5.00

A mysterious and dapper masked fairy man is dressed to the nines among his penguin companions. He stands on a platform of ice as snow falls all around under the light of the full moon. The "Cold Moon" is the name given to the full moon in December, for it is often the full moon that occurs closest to the Winter Solstice or the longest night of the year. This work is part of the Moonlight Masquerade collection, a series of artworks created using digital media.

Cold Moon ACEO is a signed and numbered print, limited edition of 50. Printed on premium glossy photo paper with archival quality ink. They are signed and shipped in a protective rigid toploader card sleeve made with non-PVC polypropylene film.

Their small size makes them easy to display without taking up a lot of wall space, so you can collect more of your favorite works of art at an affordable price! These little prints are perfect for adorning your altar space or meditation corner. Easel not included.

Size: 2.5-x-3.5-inch