SPECIAL Halloween Tarot Reading


Due to high demand, we can no longer guarantee an October 31 delivery. Readings will be completed and delivered in the order they are received as close to Halloween as possible. 

Halloween is also considered the Pagan New Year, so it is a good time to reflect on the year past. This special Halloween themed reading will help you identify any unfinished business you need to wrap up along with cosmic advice so you can start off the new year with fresh confidence and a clean slate.


  • HALLOWEEN COSUTME: Who you desire to be in the upcoming year.
  • PUT A SPELL ON YOU: What magic action can you take to give yourself the best potential for success in the upcoming year.
  • TRICK OR TREAT: Ways you can bring more sweetness into your life.
  • THE HAUNTING: What (ghost) from your past keeps coming back as unfinished business?
  • TOMBSTONE: Things you can do to finally let that ghost RIP.
  • SCARY MONSTER: Your biggest obstacle or challenge to overcome in the upcoming year.

For a bit of extra fun, I will be using a combination of the Halloween Tarot and Halloween Oracle decks to conduct this reading.


A an email and a private link that includes images of the cards and a 1000 word written interpretation as it relates to your unique path and situation.



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