Weekly Tarot Planner (Printable Download)

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This item is a weekly planner designed to work in conjunction with weekly Tarot or Oracle draws (either by yourself or by subscribing to my weekly newsletter) to inspire you to get organized and stay focused on tasks and goals one week at a time. I am currently working on Monthly and Quarterly companion sheets for this Weekly Planner, which will be available soon.

Check out my Tarot Planner walk-through video on YouTube.

The dates are blank so you can print this sheet over and over to use on an ongoing basis for every week.


1. At the top of the page, you can write the dates you are using this planner sheet for as well as your weekly Tarot draw or personal card of the week. If you do not use Tarot cards for yourself, subscribe to my newsletter to receive weekly universal Tarot readings to use with this planner to help you live positively and productively. Subscribe here: http://tarot.alisonspokes.ca/newsletter.shtml

2. In the center of the page are THREE sections where you can write your to-do lists for the week ahead.
a) CHORES AND ERRANDS - where you can write your household responsibilities or scheduled appointments
b) PERSONAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS - Ask what you need to finish by the end of the week to feel personally fulfilled. This is where you can write your health goals for the week (1 km run 3 days a week), creative goals (writing, artwork, reading, etc.), or extra fun things you want to do. This is a section for self-care and inner fulfillment.
c) OTHER ____ - this category is all your own, reserved for special projects, home-based businesses, school work, parenting duties, or anything that suits your lifestyle.

3. Finally, at the bottom of the page you write your daily gratitudes - at the end of every day, come up with at least three things you are thankful for. This will help keep you in a positive mindset from day to day and week to week.


+ When setting goals, make them specific and measurable. Rather than say, "read my book" or "exercise." Write, "Read 50 pages" or "30 minutes at the gym (Mon, Wed, & Fri)"

+ Make sure the goals on your to-do list are reasonable for you to complete in a week's time. Don't try to do too much. Aim for balance. If you know your week ahead will involve extra overtime at work, entertaining house guests or an illness in the household, cut back on your expectations. Don't set yourself up for failure.

+ If you have a goal that you KNOW will take more than one week to complete, break it up into smaller steps that you can reasonably complete within one week. Write those steps on your appropriate to-do list and spread them out across multiple weeks.

+ Don't worry about next week and the next week after that. Stay focused on only what you need to do in one week increments. This will help you live in the moment. One week commitments are much easier to keep than 3 month or one year commitments. This will keep your morale and self-esteem up high.

+ Reflect on your progress. Go back through your previous weeks and acknowledge how much you have accomplished. Celebrate!

+ Try to add at least one item on your to-do list every week that is a direct result of your weekly Tarot card draw. This is how you co-create and stay in alignment with Spirit.

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